I take a small break from the Purgatory of frantic essay-writing (Four pages today. Not enough!) to share these insights on the nature of the medievalist, brought to us by Another Damned Medievalist from Blogenspiel:

You Might Be A Medievalist If…

-Your secondary sources are somebody else’s primary sources.

-Everyone else on your conference panel has taken holy orders.

-You have a favorite decree of the Fourth Lateran Council.

-Your particular field of study could be wiped out by a car accident.

-You’ve ever been asked “the truth” about King Arthur.

-You refer to the American Revolution as a “recent development.”

-You add the word “yet” to the statement “I don’t know that language.”

-You specify which level of hell your day has been like.

-You call the renaissance “a dirty lie.”

Great stuff. For some reason, though, Another Damned Medievalist calls this ‘humour’, which I find a little hard to understand. I mean, who doesn’t have a favorite decree of the Fourth Lateran Council?*

* – Mine is number 16.